Noitom cofounder: only commercial VR has great future

Noitom cofounder & CTO Dai Ruoli gave a speech at GIC VR Summit. Noitom is one of China’s VR startups that has built up its own technologies barrier.

2016 is viewed as the first year of VR era, and many giants are acting in VR field. Facebook, HTC and Sony all unveiled their VR hardwares. And many more startup companies are joining VR games with much VC funds.

Noitom, as a startup founded on core technologies in 2012,  has made great progress and achievement in motion capture and application. In 2014, Noitom’s lightweighted motion capture equipment Perception Neuron got on Kickstarter and got 570 thousand USD crowd funds within 35 days. Noitom had made history record of crowd funds rased on Kickstarter by China’s technology startups. Last November, Noitom got investment of 20 million USD from Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Co., Ltd.

Technology barrier is the most important way to live for startup companies, no matter she does hardware, software or tools. Once all issues are tackled at one point, it will rocketsky. One example is when Oculus DK1 showed up in 2013. Oculus DK1 has higher resolution display and sensors to track.

So Noitom CTE predicts that VR’s next rocketsky will be in the near future, likely  within half to one year. The public difficulties are being solved by VR industry. There is no way to stop VR going massive, just like smartphone is not  stoppable.

Noitom CTE also said, those VR startups that focuse on technologies and win worldwide praise are not many. He recommended entrepreneur to do commercial applications. Because only VR commercialisation can make the startup live until the consumer’s VR gets big enough. He said, offline experience shop, education and reat estate are the industries for VR to fit and go big at first.